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As a Senior Cyber Security Analyst for a private company, Dr. Carter provided C&A support, individual security validations, security audits and SME guidance to several customers for Excentium. Within the scope of C&A support, Dr. Carter helped the customers define system categorizations, identify information types for categorization of the type of impact system, and guides the creation of plan of action and milestones (POA&Ms) for security issues that cannot be mitigated as a part of the Risk Management Framework. Before, during and after an individual security assessment, Dr. Carter provided senior management with security assessment plans (SAPs) and security assessment reports (SARs). Within the scope of individual security validations, Dr. Carter reviewed and validated that the customer is meeting all applicable security controls within the specific and detailed outlined within NIST SP standards, FIPS 199, FISMA and all other applicable resources. During this process Dr. Carter also guided the customer in the creation, tracking and closing of POA&Ms. Within the scope of SME guidance, Dr. Carter provided to senior management, co-workers, peers and customers the needed expert knowledge to aid in their strategic decision making process with all security related areas. Dr. Carter designed the structure of our SharePoint environment, trained personnel on the use of it, populated it, and maintains the updating of documents within it. Dr. Carter also provides monthly status and all other applicable reports to senior management as well as detailed security assessment plans for all upcoming and/or ongoing security projects. Dr. Carter also wrote reviews and updates as applicable, other relevant security documentation to ensure response, recovery, maintenance and operation of computing resources in a secure manner.


Sitnauqaj, pronounced /sit-na-qaj/, first priority is to provide small to medium enterprises with a conduit to effectively selecting cloud solutions.  As an avid researcher in the area of small business and IT alignment, Dr. Carter has dedicated her professional life to ensuring that small to medium businesses achieve a sustainable level of strategic alignment through the use of cloud service solutions.  With her extensive background in IT, Cybersecurity, and her highly professional staff, Dr. Carter will reach her goal to help promote the competitive advantage of her fellow small business owners through strategic alignment and the cybersecurity services offered by Sitnauqaj.

Sitnauaqaj offers a very diverse level of services.  Our primary mission is to help guide small and medium businesses in choices of cloud service providers but not just a CSP that is affordable but one that is certified and provides quality and assurance as well.  Dr. Carter is a researcher so we give you more than just a choice between cloud services.  We research service providers for compliance to national, international, local and state governance.  The cloud providers you will find on our site are reputable and hold certifications to include ISO, NIST, FedRAMP and other applicable certifications.  On top of this, we offer authorization and accreditation services ourselves for those small to medium enterprises that have IT infrastructures of their own and to our federal clients.  We offer training classes, seminars, and conferences at low or at no cost to the public and fellow business owners.


We also provide Tier 1-4 IT services and risk assessment/management.  Please visit our Services page to see all the services we offer to our small and medium business partners.  Sitnauaqaj wants to become a one stop shop for all the small to medium business needs in the area of Cybersecurity, Information Assurance, Cloud Services Selections and other Information Technology needs.


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