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Strategic Alignment -Our alignment services will show your business how strategic alignment is reached by our team performing an alignment assessment that will yield results of how effective and strategic your business processes and IT are at the present time of the assessment.  After the assessment, our team will show you how to allow your business processes to drive your IT and how your IT enables your business processes.  Also, our team will make recommendations that will get your business headed in the right direction in the area of strategic alignment.  To further aid your business in obtaining and sustaining business-IT strategic alignment, Sitnauqaj has undergone a project that once finished it will aid the business owner in choosing cloud services.  We will let all of our customers know when this portal is ready to launch.



Policy Development– Our policy development services will give your business the governance it needs in order to ensure information security, asset security and to give your business a competitive edge by increasing productivity and saving your business money.  We are able to develop policies that are not started or complete policies that have been started by your company but not finished.



Security/Vulnerablity Assessments– Our security/vulnerability assessment services will assess your business against the standards and processes of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).  This includes security assessments and vulnerability assessments according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), utilizing the Risk Management Framework (RMF), the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs), and the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) approved scanning and penetration testing tools.  The results of these assessments will give your business the security posture of your IT/Enterprise Architecture/Infrastructure as well as recommendations for vulnerability remediation, risk identification and mitigation.



Annual Security Conference– As a part of our commitment to you, our team will be holding annual security conferences to help business owners to stay abreast to emerging information technology, emerging cybersecurity threats, and to address areas of security, vulnerabilities, the cloud, and other topics as we receive feedback from the business community.  The speakers at these conferences will not be limited to the team at Sitnauqaj but to the cyber security research and practitioner community.  We plan to call in the experts in the various topic fields to educate our business owners.  The cost of these conferences will be minimal to the business owner.  Our team is focusing on education more than making money in this arena.



Annual Blacktie Dinner– Sitnauqaj believes in the small business and we believe in community.  As such, our team will be hosting a black tie business networking dinner every year.  The purpose of this dinner is to gather all business owners into one location so that we can unite and become stronger as a community of business owners.  Just a few things that will take place at this annual dinner are pitching parties and experience education.  This dinner will be open to all business owners of all industries serving all markets.


Tier Services - Sitnauqaj offers Tier IT services to local businesses in this area to show how serious we take security so that you will have a face with a name and know exactly who is working on your infrastructure.  Our services are always in person so our customers do not have to worry about who is entering their IT systems.  These services are from application administration, system administration, network administration, and hardware infrastructure administration.













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